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Karachi, May 7-9, 2015

Karachi, Pakistan

May 7-9, 2015

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Government’s development spending shapes your life. It pays for the roads and bridges you travel on, for schools and clinics, and the water and electricity that makes your life possible. But do you really know where the money comes from or where it goes?

Does development spending really improve lives, or grow the economy?

Come join us to find out during a *free* 3-day d|Bootcamp that explores how you can access and use the data. Pakistan’s first data journalism event, the d|Bootcamp will bring together trainers from Code for Africa, International Centre for Journalists’ Knight program and the Technology for People Initiative at LUMS with aspiring Pakistani data journalists alongside technologists and digital designers, for hands-on learning and collaboration on team projects.

This d|Bootcamp is designed to make sense of large government datasets and turning complex information into useful tools for citizens. It will teach journalists, developers/designers and civil society professionals to work together in multidisciplinary teams, pooling together their skillsets to produce data driven stories, maps, visualization and tools that can improve citizens’ access to information and services.

The d|Bootcamp is co-hosted by the International Center for Journalists, the Center for Excellence in Journalism at IBA and Hacks/Hackers Pakistan.


Earn a Certificate!

We’re offering free seats to 30 journalists, 15 developers/designers and 15 civil-society representatives to learn how to work with data and create data driven content focusing on the Pakistani government’s budget – from health and education services to infrastructure development and subsidies.

The training will focus on core skills development for data literacy delivering hands-on, guided practicals, starting with an introduction to open data and data driven journalism, as well as complementary training on basic Excel/ spreadsheet skills building, and moving on to creating pivot tables, scraping data, cleaning it, creating visualizations (e.g. using free online tools, such as Google Fusion tables and G-Refine), and ultimately, crafting narratives around this data, to find and tell the ‘human story’.


Application Process

Registrations are now closed. Accepted applicants will be notified by email. Thank you for your interest.

Hacks (Journalists) & Bloggers

Journalists, Bloggers, Videographers, Graphic Artists, Interactive Designers. Learn to tell more powerful stories with new new tools. Learn to use data to create localised / personalised content.

Hackers & Makers

Developers, Designers, User Experience (UX) Researchers, Engineers. Come work on meaningful problems for mass audiences. Get connected to new markets, and practice your skills.

Civil Society Professionals

Data Experts, Government ICT Thought-leader and NGOs. Come help connect indicators to issues. Team up with civic technologists and mass media pioneers to build citizen tools.

Session Leaders

fahad bw

Fahad Sultan


hamza bw

Hamza Humayun



Shaheryar Popalzai
Hacks/Hackers Pakistan

rahma bw

Rahma M Mian
ICFJ Knight Fellow


Justin Arenstein

Justin Arenstein
ICFJ / Code For Africa




Friedrich Lindenberg
ICFJ Knight Fellow



serah njambi kiburu

Serah Njambi Rono
Code For Africa




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Our Mission

To boost analytical, evidence-based public discussion
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